The 5 Best Spots To Go Fishing In Australia


When it comes to fishing, Australia has some of the best fishing spots in the world. As a legendary location for prime fishing game, Australia has a fish-rich coastline that spans thousands of kilometres. In addition, the waters range in diversity from the tropical Top End to the South’s cool waters.

Fishing in Australia isn’t just for fun, it’s a part of the local’s lifestyle and history. Since the indigenous people first discovered the game in its waters, fishing has been a large part of culture. From Marlin, Tuna, sailfish, and mahi-mahi, game fishing available along the coasts blue waters, outside of the shores, you can also explore other terrain like rivers, mountain streams and lakes for freshwater catches that include trout and barramundi.

Regardless of whether you fish by casting a fly, spinning a lure or go old-school of fishing with bait, fishing in Australia includes beach, rock and flats fishing. You should, however, note that fishing licences are necessary for both freshwater and saltwater fish.


Best Fishing Spots in Australia

Australia is home to a vast range of fish over a wide expanse of area you can enjoy. Gone Fishing is your top fishing resource that offers professional knowledge that will help you optimize your fishing results. Below are 5 of the best places you can head to:

  1.    Cairns, Queensland: As a coastal city, Cairns is parallel to the Great Barrier Reef and is one of the most popular fish game waters. For visitors who don’t have an available seagoing boat, there are regular fishing charters that sail out of Cairns and head to the best fishing spots in Australia and the Barrier Reef.
  2.    Cape York, Queensland: If you’re interested in some of the most ultimate fishing adventures Cape York – which is a remote, northern region – with pristine beaches, lagoons, rivers and islands. The best time to head to this area is between the months of May to December and you will enjoy fishing for queenfish, king salmon, mackerel and cod, to name a few options. Be advised that this is one of the more adventurous areas so be prepared to rough it a bit and check local conditions to opt for the prime time to head on over.

3.    Rottnest Island, Perth: This is Perth’s idyllic, carefree island that’s a short ferry ride outside of the mainland. Referred to locals as “Rotto,” people interested in heading to this Western Australia region can take ferries from Fremantle, Barrack Street Jerry as well as Hillarys Marina. Other transport options include independent boating, air taxis and choppers. This activity field region is home to swimming spots, water adventures and sports. Yields in Rotto include salmon, herring, yellowtail kingfish and more.


  1.    Gippsland, Victoria: In Victoria, Gippsland is one of the favourite areas for fishing in Australia. With its coastal lakes and estuaries, you’ll enjoy beaches such as Ninety Mile Beach a few hours driving east off Melbourne. Fishing in Gippsland is open for excellent fishing conditions throughout a majority of the year. Some of the places to head to when in Gippsland include Blue Rock Lake, Avon River, lakes Entrance and Tamboon.
  2.    Central Highlands, Tasmania: Highlights is hugely known for trout fishing in Australia. Anglers can try their hand at catching some of the tough catches like the wild brown and rainbow trout. Favourite lakes include Great Lake and Arthurs Lake. You can also check out rivers like South Esk and Macquarie which are popular for fly fishing. Because the weather can change rather quickly in this region, it’s best to coordinate with fishing resources like Gone Fishing and other updated portals to plan when to head out.

When it comes to fishing in Australia – for both Australian locals and visiting foreigners – there are a number of options in terms of best fishing spots across the country. The best part is, aside from excellent game experience, there are parallel activities available for the entire family to enjoy.

Learn more about the ultimate Aussie fishing adventures by making Gone Fishing your all-in-one guide to fishing spots, information, gadgets and updates.


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